Viking SS Ring


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Viking SS Ring
This Ring SS size USA (inside diameter  mm) approx.: 10 1/2 (20,20 mm)
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Ring Der ϟϟ

Potency of imagery in SS brotherhood was not lost on its leader, Heinrich Himmler, and was clearly in his mind when early in life of organization he instituted Ring der SS (April 1934). Totenkopf ring prominently featured runes and mystical symbols of SS, symbols that played a significant role in magnifying the veil of obscurity and mystique that covered organization. The award was both a product of, and a source nourishment to hint of arrogance that surrounds all military units that consider themselves elite. Der SS ring was not a National decoration and could not be earned per say.
” The Lebensrune or “life rune” was used by the Lebensborn e. V., the SS body responsible for the Lebensborn programme which supported the “racially, biologically, and hereditarily valuable families” of SS members and other “Aryans”. This interpretation of the “man” rune is not based on List, but it occurs as early as the 1920s in the literature of Germanic mysticism, and it came to be widely used within the NSDAP and Nazi Germany, e.g. in official prescriptions for the various uniforms of the Sturmabteilung. The Yr rune came to be seen as the “life rune” inverted and interpreted as “death rune” (Todesrune) During the World War II era, these two runes (ᛉ for “born”, ᛦ for “died”) came to be used in obituaries and on tomb stones as marking birth and death dates, replacing asterisk and cross symbols (* for “born”, † for “died”) conventionally used in this context in Germany.

The Todesrune is the inverted version of the Lebensrune or “life rune”. It was based on the ᛦ or Yr rune, which originally meant “yew”. It was used by the SS to represent death on documents and grave markers in place of the more conventional † symbol used for such purposes.” /wikipedia/

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