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watch Dear collectibles, buyers and others. This web page displays and sells objects that are related to German WW2  tems, Russia Imperial and Soviet regime WW2 and are about the historical eventsoccurred during that period.

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go to site Attention! We don’t propogate nazi or any other ideology. Items on this website are for truly collecting & reenacting issue. We look on this symbols only from art and designs points of view. We are against any violence, all people on the earth are equal!


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Shipping and delivery

bactrim cost cvs YES! We ship to every country on the world! We are from USA and Europe. Shipping to USA, Canada are going approx. 10-15 days. buy cytotec at cvs Shipping to Europe are going approx. 10-15 days. Shipping to Australia, NewZeland are going approx. 20-30 days.

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get link On our page you do not need to register for all orders. You can also make a guest through the Checkout function of the purchase basket!

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Payment options

  • PayPal
  • Credit/Debit Card (via PayPal offered service)
  • International Bank Transfer
  • Western Union money transfer
  • Cash

Rings material

order micronase drug All rings are made of pure 925, 830 or 800 sterling silver!  NOT a pewter/ stainless steel remake!!!



lioresal 5mg xanax Our goods are often in one copy and purchased at international fairs, stores, as well as directly from individual retailers. We do not have any copyright information on any of the products offered, if any, please file it in a document.