Elite Ring Box



Elite Ring Box

Presentation boxe for SS Honor Rings are extremely rare so we offer this very nice reproduction based on an actual original size.
This presentation case SS ring box to fit SS honour ring. Leatherette cover and velvet lining with silver runes on lid. The perfect way to store or display your prized SS Honor Ring!

The original Totenkopf ring was personal gift bestowed by Reichsführer Himmler. SS-Ehrenring was made from sterling silver. On the inside of the ring was S.lb (for “seinen Lieben”, or “With Respect and Honor”) followed by the recipients’ last name, date of presentation and Himmler’s signature. Recipients also received a specially designed box decorated with the SS runes for storage or carrying and standard letter.
It is an exact copy of the letter accompanying the SS Ehrenring. The letter was made by Reich Chancellery (Reichskanzlei) of SS to explain the significance of the ring itself. Signed personally by Heinrich Himmler. We made the letter as closest to the original as possible for all lovers of historicity. On the letter will be written the name of the buyer. The paper of the letter would be artificially aged for authenticity.

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