SS Dagger Chain for M36


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SS Dagger Chain for M36, what some like to refer to as M36 dagger was authorized for wear in 1936. This dagger essentially used the M33 but added a chain to the scabbard. In some cases we see a maker marked dagger in a M36 scabbard. This might be the result of frugal owners purchasing just the new scabbard and replacing their M33 scabbards with the new one. In other cases the daggers were “upgraded” later by returning Veterans, collectors or dealers. The most desired configuration today is an M36 as it left the factory. All M36 daggers left the factory assembled with unmarked blades. What I mean by that is with just a motto on the blade, no maker mark or RZM markings, the reverse of the blade is blank. The crossguards were unmarked. So for the remainder of this discussion I will only address the chain. Two types of SS Dagger Chain for M36 were made Type I and Type II. Both types were produced concurrently.

The SS Dagger Chain for M36 assembly is secured to the scabbard using small piece of plated steel which were soldered at the correct angle to the top fitting and the center band. The center band is normally assembled to the scabbard body using a single screw. Early Type II chains are assembled to painted scabbards. Later anodized scabbards were used and these were assembled using two screws at the center band. As production went on the edges of the center scabbard band grew. Early center bands have very thin edges and later examples will have thicker edges.

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